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About Me

I have done art my whole life whether dance, theatre or the visual arts.

My attempts to bring beauty and fun to the world include processes using pen&ink (calligraphy and drawing), printmaking (mainly lithographs and woodcuts), painting (Watercolor and oil), photography (Polaroid print transfers).

Depending on what I am attempting to communicate these forms are straight ahead or mixed media.

My philosophy has been to enhance the lives of others, and incidentally mine, through art and its myriad communication levels. My work is informed mainly by twentieth century artists, travels to Europe and the Mideast.  Also by my love of movement, freedom and emotion-and usually the more upbeat emotions.

I have also taught at the college level for thirty years and I learn a lot from organizing the subjects (art, theatre and dance) in forms that are understandable and doable for students. I have also learned a lot from doing this!

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