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Ann Arbor Art Fair Weather

My first “blog.” I hear many folks at other art shows telling me, “Oh, I don’t go to Ann Arbor Art Fair anymore, it is always so hot and crowded.” Well, for one thing, I tell them to just come to my booth!

This has always been near S. University and State Street. But, truly, the past two years the weather has been perfect summer weather all four days. Not overly hot and no wild weather. Even if it looked wild on the weather channel or “rainy,” it just wasn’t. If I paid a lot of attention to weather predictions, there are quite a few shows at which I wouldn’t even bother to go and set-up. Like Indianapolis on the Museum grounds two weekends ago…rain, rain, rain predicted, but all cleared up in time for the Friday night preview and the day of the show on Saturday. I’m glad I went!

For Ann Arbor next year there is a major change-the show will start on Thursday rather than Wednesday and will run through Sunday. Saturday night it will be open late. So maybe that will be more fun for people.