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Even after doing shows and exhibiting my art for –you don’t want to know how many years! – it is still a bit of a mind game with all the applications and invitations and factors that get entered into the process.

For instance, what is the booth fee, how far do you have to drive, is it FINE ART or do they accept “buy-sell” stuff- a sure way to kill a show.

People who are serious about the quality of their work want to be in shows where others are like -minded.
So this is the time of year where you send in all your applications and see what happens!

I love the ones where people just invite me. They know and appreciate my work and I appreciate them.

Upcoming Shows

March 23, Saturday, 9AM to 4PM PLYMOUTH-CANTON, MI Music Boosters Craft Show at Plymouth High School, 8400 Beck Rd., Canton, MI


April 4 & 5, Thursday and Friday NOON to 10PM FINE ART and Craft show at Royal Oak Farmer’s Market, 316 E. Eleven Mi. Rd. Sponsored by the Guild which runs one of the famous Ann Arbor Summer Art Shows.


April 13, Saturday, 10AM-4PM Northville High School, 45700 W. Six Mile Rd, Northville, MI. Sponsored by the Boosters Club. First year was last year and really enjoyable.


All have plenty of parking ad unique arts and crafts.

New works-landscapes and photographic darkroom

When one is a professional or at least has that attitude,  there is always updating and learning involved.

The basics of art, for me, remain-color, design, texture, line, etc. But putting that all together with

new techniques is always a joy. Lately I’ve been learning more about landscape painting! I love it!

And I feel empowered by a Darkroom Class I’m taking-back to basics- black&white photography, developing the film myself and making the prints. When Polaroid went out of business, I was a bit stymied in making the Polaroid prints with watercolor that I loved to do. Still haven’t gotten back to “the look” that I want, but I am learning.

Learning some fun photoshop things as well!

Hope you are all having a great Spring- to whomever reads this. (That’s the next thing I need to learn-how to communicate and promote better via the internet.)



Shows coming up


Here are a bunch of shows!

I’ve been having a ball doing some Darkroom and learning to process black&white film. Feels great

and interesting images are showing up. Continuing to learn photoshop as well, which can be magic.

But, of course, I love the more hands-on with film.

Learning more about watercolor  landscape painting as well.

When you are professional, you’ve got to keep learning, yes?

Enjoy and thanks for reading this “ad.”

New Shows for March 2016!!

March 5: Lutheran West High School Craft Show which welcomes Spring. 9-4PM 33300 Cowan Rd., Westland, MI.
If you need directions, please call the school @734-422-2090.

March 12:Saline Community Education Craft Show @ Saline Middle School, 7190 N. Maple, 8AM-3:30PM
(Bring me coffee!) Booth #29

March 18&19: Northville Handcrafters Spring Show at the Community Center, downtown Northville, MI. Friday 9AM(?) to 8PM and Saturday 9-5. If you’ve not been to Northville, it is charming.
I’m posting these on Facebook I hope!
Hope all is well with you.
In May, I will be in Birmingham (Birmingham, MI), Palmer Park (Detroit, MI), Broad Ripple, Indianapolis.

In June, Midland Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH, Flint Art Institute and Toledo Crosby Gardens Art Show.

In July, Cadillac, MI and Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair.
There are more for the rest of the year. More info as we get closer.

Let me know if you need more information or if this was way too much!
There’s a place to email me through this website. Or e-mail me at

734-994-0745 (H) or 734-834-3872 (C).


Holiday Art Shows coming up

I used to think my original paintings were not such good gifts, but people have found that angels, hearts, calligraphy have a really special meaning to the people they love and want to remember at the holidays.
It was a joy to find this out.
I’ll be doing some local holiday shows-like Flint Art Institute First Frost show the first weekend in November. I love the ambience and ornamentation. If a person gets tired of shopping, he or she can look at the beautiful art at the institute.
There is a wonderful photographic exhibit there-all the photos seem to be set in Paris..from “Atget to Man Ray.” Loved it!
Have a great Autumn!

There are more art fairs I’m doing and hope to get those posted on face book and web page.

Ann Arbor Art Fair Weather

My first “blog.” I hear many folks at other art shows telling me, “Oh, I don’t go to Ann Arbor Art Fair anymore, it is always so hot and crowded.” Well, for one thing, I tell them to just come to my booth!

This has always been near S. University and State Street. But, truly, the past two years the weather has been perfect summer weather all four days. Not overly hot and no wild weather. Even if it looked wild on the weather channel or “rainy,” it just wasn’t. If I paid a lot of attention to weather predictions, there are quite a few shows at which I wouldn’t even bother to go and set-up. Like Indianapolis on the Museum grounds two weekends ago…rain, rain, rain predicted, but all cleared up in time for the Friday night preview and the day of the show on Saturday. I’m glad I went!

For Ann Arbor next year there is a major change-the show will start on Thursday rather than Wednesday and will run through Sunday. Saturday night it will be open late. So maybe that will be more fun for people.