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New works-landscapes and photographic darkroom

When one is a professional or at least has that attitude,  there is always updating and learning involved.

The basics of art, for me, remain-color, design, texture, line, etc. But putting that all together with

new techniques is always a joy. Lately I’ve been learning more about landscape painting! I love it!

And I feel empowered by a Darkroom Class I’m taking-back to basics- black&white photography, developing the film myself and making the prints. When Polaroid went out of business, I was a bit stymied in making the Polaroid prints with watercolor that I loved to do. Still haven’t gotten back to “the look” that I want, but I am learning.

Learning some fun photoshop things as well!

Hope you are all having a great Spring- to whomever reads this. (That’s the next thing I need to learn-how to communicate and promote better via the internet.)